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     Upcoming Projects

    These are some of the projects we are working on as of 1/19/18:

    • A continued Maintenance Program for Tennessee Aluminum Processing in Gadsden, AL
    • A 100′ x 100′ x 16′ Bingo Hall in Green County, AL
    • Remodeling a new restaurant, Rock N Roll Sushi, Gadsden, AL
    • Finishing out 60′ x 70′ x 14′ B. I. S. Jasper Community Center in Jasper, AL
    • Repairing roof for Dean’s Sausage in Attalla, AL
    • Remodeling Richards Motors in Gadsden, AL
    • Enclosing 75′ x 175′ area for CFI in Rainbow City, AL
    • Erecting 95′ x 25′ x 18′ slag house for Tennessee Aluminum Processing in Gadsden, AL
    • Finishing out 2,160 sq. ft. upstairs office area in Wilsonville, AL
    • Erecting a 57′ x 100′ sq. ft. metal building for Rusty’s Off Road in Rainbow City, AL
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    Trent Thrasher Construction, LLC sales metal buildings for manufacturing plants.  No matter the dimensions of the manufacturing plant that you  may be in need of, we can help.  Any height, width, or length we can supply it. We can also add onto any existing manufacturing plant.  If you are running out of working space or need a larger storage area, an addition to your existing plant might be just what you need.  We can supply you with a free quote on just the building or building and erecting.  Call or email us today!  256-413-0612  estimating@ttcllc.pro

    Our other recommendation would be to sign up with our Maintenance Program.  With our maintenance program, you are guaranteed that one of our top inspectors will routinely check every nook and cranny of your building for damage, leaks, ect. A full report will be given with our suggestions on further steps to take preventative measures or fix the issues found.  What  us from other Maintenance Programs is we do not require you to use our company to repair any damage.  We will advise you on what needs to be done and your are free to have whatever company you are most comfortable with complete the task.

    Click here for more information on our maintenance program.


    The slideshow below shows images of us helping Northeast Alabama Regional Airport:

    Our advice is to stop that little problem before it becomes a major problem!

    Call us today to join our Maintenance Program: 256-413-0612


    Erecting metal buildings is our forte’.  Red Iron steele, wall/roof panels, insulation and heights are all very familiar to us.  Due to this fact we would love the opportunity to assist you in erecting your metal building project.  We can handle all different shapes, sizes and heights.  If we do not have the equipment we need on hand to get the job done then we will rent it.  Below is a slideshow showing our team at work.



    If you need a certified metal building erector please email us at estimating@ttcllc.pro for a FREE estimate. 


    We have experience erecting in tight corners and open fields.  Below are photos of us erecting an addition in a very tight space and in a unique shape.