• Completed Project Descriptions

    Palm Coast Sales, Inc. became the exclusive wholesale distributer of The Big Green Egg for the state of Florida in 2008. This growing company is now also distributing other product lines that cater to the backyard lifestyle. Trent Thrasher Construction, LLC has been given the opportunity to build Palm Coast Sales, Inc’s new 10,000 sf addition, which includes new offices. We are excited to have a part in helping this company expand.



    We started working on coming up with a floor plan for Corbin Services LLC’s new shop/office early fall of 2015.  The construction of the building began in early December of 2015 and was completed in March of 2016.  This new building contains 2,476 sf of shop, 1,012 sf of office space and 840 sf of storage.  You can visit Corbin Services website to learn more about the company: http://corbintowing.com/ Check out more pictures of this job here.


    Here at Trent Thrasher Construction, LLC, we love lunch time!  That means we love building restaurants.  We are so excited to be taking part in helping a local couple build their dream restaurant building.  Shanghai Express is a 2,400 sf restaurant which offers sit down service as well as a drive-thru.  What makes this 40’ x 60’ x 13’ building unique is that we framed this metal building to accommodate it’s glass entrance which juts out adding interest to the building overall.


    Here at Trent Thrasher Construction LLC we not only do new construction projects; we also do additions, renovations, repairs, ect.  A good example of something extra we do is the project we recently finished up for Northeast Alabama Regional Airport.  Our men installed a 20′ x 80′ hangar door for our local airport.  It took diligent teamwork and a lot of equipment to get such a large heavy steel door in place, but for our crew it was a piece of cake.   Click here for more pictures of this project.



    In Centerville, AL, we worked with Harris-Robinson Construction to reopen the Bibb Medical Center’s labor and delivery unit by adding an additional 3,200 sf.  Bibb Medical Center’s Obstetrics center closed years ago.  It has been a rising trend for rural hospitals to close their labor and delivery departments making rural expectant mothers travel a minimum of 45 minutes to the nearest hospital for safe delivery care.  Since 2004, CEO & residency director at Cahaba Medical Care, Dr. John Waits’ goal has been to reopen the Obstetrics department at Bibb Medical Center.  That dream finally came true for Dr. Waits.  The picture shows where we installed the framing for the new obstetrics addition.  You can view even more photos taken during the addition by clicking here.

    Dale Heard's Polaroid



    Locally owned and operated, Dale Heard’s Body Shop has been in business since 1976.  With business booming at the Gadsden location, Dale Heard needed more shop space.  We added three new bays to his shop giving him an extra 3,000 sf.  We were able to match the 60’x 50’x 16′ addition to the existing building’s color scheme.  Included in the addition were gutters, downspouts, rough-in plumbing, one 3070 walkdoor, and six pipe bollards to prevent accidents from wrecking havoc on the building.  Dale Heard’s Body Shop can now continue providing  great service and lifetime warranties to even more clients. You can see more pictures of our work at Dale Heard’s Body Shop by clicking here.



    In order to create easier working conditions in bad weather and help protect some of their outdoor equipment,  Alabama Power hired us to build this 3,800 sq ft building.  We were given two months to complete this project with the deadline of midnight on December 31, 2014.  Completed with six hours to spare, this project proved that we have a dedicated and hardworking crew that can achieve any goal thrown their way. Click here for more pictures of this project.





    A fun project for us here at Trent Thrasher Construction was installing a total of five environmentally friendly carports in St. Louis and seven in Kansas City.  These carports take advantage of the parking areas by providing shade to everyday users and at the same time producing electricity.  Although it may not appear like it produces much, solar carports can vastly increase the overall energy production of a solar project.  Another great advantage to these solar carports is that they require little to no maintenance and allow easy access to panels for service and repair. If you’re interested in adding solar panels to your existing structure call us at (256) 413-0612.  Check out more pictures here.




    In April of 2013 Charles County Fairgrounds experienced a massive fire that damaged several of their buildings. Trent Thrasher Construction was given the task of the massive rebuild. We added around 27,000 square feet of space for the fairgrounds. Every year Charles County Fairgrounds hosts an “old-fashioned country fair” featuring a carnival, animals, exhibits and other demonstrations along with plenty of food! The addition of the 5 new buildings allow the people at CCFG to provide even more exhibits and other events to the community.  Check out their website at http://www.charlescountyfair.com/.  For more photos of the rebuild click here.





    Dairyman’s Supply Company was instituted in Mayfield, Kentucky. Supplying name brand building materials to retail lumber yards is what this company is all about.  Since it’s start in 1925, DSC has added a distribution location in Gadsden, AL.  While settling in, they conducted all of their office work out of their warehouse.  As of June 2014 that began to change as plans were drawn for their new 5,000 sq ft East Gadsden office building.  We are so excited to have had the opportunity to be apart of helping their company plant roots in our hometown. Be sure to visit http://dairymanssupply.com/ to learn more about this company.  For more pictures of this build check out Dairyman’s photo album on our Facebook page.