Trent Thrasher Construction, LLC not only takes care of erecting, framing and finishing buildings.  We also sale various metal building supplies/components, offer a Maintenance Program and draw up Floor Plans.  


While lumber yards are located sporadically throughout the United States, metal building supplies and components are not a short drive down the road.  We can help supply you with various metal building materials that might not have been provided when you ordered your building or that you you simply need extra of.  Below you will find a list of items we sale.  Call or email us to place your order or for more information.


Maintenance Program

To prolong the life of your building, it is best to have it routinely checked for damages and/or wear and tear.  We offer a maintenance program which includes regular building “check ups,” a detailed report of concerns found (including photographs), as well as a quote on what it would cost for us to fix the problem.  Our maintenance program is unique because there is no requirement for us to fix the problem.  If you have others that you would prefer to take care of issues that arise then that is fine by us.


Floor Plans

Is your head overflowing with ideas of what you are looking for but, just can’t find a floor plan you like?  We can help with that.  Allow us a few minutes to find out what is important to you and we will draw up a floor plan to your specifications.  It is very easy to have plans custom made to fit your needs . . .  just ask us to help!



3” X 6’ X 37’         49₵ SF          $108.78 per roll (222 sf per roll)

3” X 6’ X 102’        49₵ SF          $299.88 per roll (612 sf per roll)

4” X 6’ X 37’          62₵ SF          $137.64 per roll (222 sf per roll)

4” X 6’ 102’           62₵ SF          $379.44 per roll (612 sf per roll)

PATCH TAPE:                 3” X 150’       $40.50 PER ROLL

DOUBLE STICK TAPE:    1 ½” X 180’   $21.90 PER ROLL

Contact us for all your metal building insulation needs! 

Order by phone at:256.413.0612


email your order to: 



Trent Thrasher Construction offers a Maintenance Program for our buildings and any existing structures. Our program includes a comprehensive inspection and report on your building, which you can then use to proceed with repairs through us or any other service of your choosing. Below are pictures of past buildings that we have inspected and treated. Sign up for our program today to avoid costly repairs in the future! Call (256) 413-0612 to set up an assessment or to add our program to your current or past building!

Roof & Structural Inspections

081015BFACT: Regular inspection of roof systems and building structures will lead to early detection of minor problems before they turn into major problems.
081015CFACT: Any repairs not dealt with after the first signs of failure can result in increased damages to the roof, structure or interior finishes.
081015FACT: Roof and structural damage will lead to interruption of client services, program delivery and endangerment of occupant safety.

As part of our Roof & Structural Inspections maintenance program, we will inspect exterior of building for normal wear, severe weather damage, normal settlement, material contractions/expansion, and improper construction or maintenance.

Every report will include photographs and a detailed report of the inspection findings.  This allows our clients the opportunity to verify changes and also helps historic records to be maintained for future references.

One thing that sets our maintenance program apart from others, is that you are not obligated to use Trent Thrasher Construction, LLC to do the repairs.  We will inspect your building, provide you with pictures and a detailed report, as well as, give you a free quote on what it would cost for us to repair the problem.  Once you have all the information you are free to hire whomever you like to do the work.

Call for a free quote regarding our preventive maintenance program for the structural part of your existing building today:


Stop that little problem before it turns into a MAJOR problem!

081015E   081015F



Trent Thrasher Construction, LLC now has the resources to draft any building plans you may need.
We can do anything from sketching you out a quick idea:

Grayscale Sketch of Barn Door Bathroom Addition

all the way to drawing and rendering a complete elevation:

Dairyman’s Supply Elevation Rendering

Facade Elevation Upon Completion

Our primary drawing package starts at $0.20 a square foot and includes a Floor Plan and Dimension Plan.  The following example is approximately 5,000 sf:

Dairyman’s Supply Floor Plan

Dairyman’s Supply Dimension Plan

For an additional amount we can also complete any of the following: Electrical Plan, Reflected Ceiling Plan, Elevation Drawing, and/or Rendering.  The following slideshow shows all of the drawings we completed for State Farm Insurance in Rainbow City, AL:
[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”40″ gal_title=”State Farm Insurance Plan Set”]
Primarily we do commercial jobs such as offices, warehouses, plant facilities, hangars, barns, garages, ect.  In addition we have had the privilege of building several metal building homes.  Therefore, if you are in need of someone drawing up some plans for your new home we can do that also.  The following photos are of our most recent metal building home plans:
[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”41″ gal_title=”Residential Floor Plans”]

No matter your need we can complete your project from the designing stage all the way to completion.  Call or email us today for more information on having your idea drafted on paper:

256-413-0612 or


Below you will find further examples of the building plans we have produced and completed:
[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”42″ gal_title=”Corbin Towing”]


**NOTE: The drawings provided by Trent Thrasher Construction, LLC are not signed or sealed by an architect.  For stamped/sealed engineered or architectural drawings an additional cost will apply.**



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